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What licenses do I need to rent a boat?

Before you book a boat, it is essential to check if your navigation licenses or permits are valid in your navigation area. Our team will check your license or permit according to the Maritime law of Croatia and will give you all further details regarding maritime laws for chartering boats in Croatia.

Rental: What is included and what not?

The availability and the final price of the boats will be sent on request. The prices include: rental of the boat with all of his electronic and safety equipment. Also included are the instructions on departure, guides and navigation charts and technical assistance from the base, 7 days a week during your cruise.
Not included in our charter/rental rates: fuel, food, port taxes/fees, tourist taxes. Contact our team for an estimate of these costs if you want to define your budget in advance.

How do I make a reservation?

Our team selects best offers and deals, so you could find suitable options and save your money. After choosing your boat, you are sending an inquiry by clicking the “Send inquiry” button. You are sending your preferred charted dates and contact information. Within 24 hours you will get an answer with the availability and price for the asked boat.
Our customer service is always at your disposal to provide you detailed descriptions of the boats and best prices for the chosen dates.
After you get the feedback from our team, feel free to make a decisions about your booking. In case you decide to make a reservation, you will need to make a reservation payment to secure your booking. After the made payment, you will receive confirmation from Cropeller about your reservation with all further information.
You can send as much inquiries as you want and you will get an answer with the availability for each request.
If you are having any difficulties during filling up the inquiry form, you can contact us at and we will gladly help you out with the inquiry and booking process.

Is my boat insured for the charter/rental?

All vessels offered by Cropeller are provided mandatory and comprehensive vehicle insurance. Passengers on board are insured up to the maximum number of the vessel and the number is determined by certified boat manufacturer and must not be exceeded. You will however be asked to pay a deposit. This deposit is the amount of the insurance deductible, below which the insurer does not want to reimburse the owner of the boat for any “small” damage.

What about the cruise itinerary?

Once you have booked a boat, you can define an appropriate navigation route in advance. Our team stands at your service for all itinerary ideas and we will gladly help you in your planning. Please mind that your itinerary can be modified depending on weather conditions and wind, but anyhow by planning ahead you’ll have a better idea of the route and the necessary stops. We advise to consider instructions given by our skippers, as they know the navigation area very well.

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