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Conclusion of the Lease Agreement

With the booking or the booking request, the Lessor (Cropeller) is obliged to give the Lessee the binding mandate to conclude the rental agreement. The rental agreement becomes binding for both parties after the Lessor has confirmed the final booking per e-mail with clearly indicated price, arrival and departure date and after the Lessor (Cropeller) receives a down payment from the Lessee to secure the booking. Upon arrival, both parties are obliged to sign a contract. Upon signing the contract, Lessee agrees and is bound by the terms and conditions of Cropeller . The contract is valid for the period of time from signing the agreement by the Lessee until the expiration of the lease of booked vessel.


To secure the booking, Lessee is obliged to transfer a deposit to the account of the Lessor for the booking after the Lessor has sent a non-binding offer with all booking details by email and the Lessor confirmed the booking. After the Lessor receives the down payment, the final booking confirmation will be sent to the Lessee by email.

Insurance and deposit

Passengers on board are insured up to the maximum number of the vessel , the number is determined by certified boat manufacturer and must not be exceeded. If this number is exceeded, the Lessee will lose the security deposit .
All vessels are provided mandatory and comprehensive vehicle insurance. Before boarding, the Lessee must leave a safety deposit that will be returned after the vessel is returned in the same condition in which it was rented. In the event of any damage to the ship , its equipment or lack of equipment , such damage will be calculated from the deposit. Damage assessment will be made by the Lessor, and Lessee, by means of signature signs the contract to concur with the estimate as shown. The safety deposit must be left in cash.
In the event of major damage to the vessel, Lessee shall promptly notify the Lessor and the Harbor Master’s office , which will prepare a report and protect the ship during the procedure. Otherwise, the Lessee may be held liable for any consequences arising from the event.

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